RFID solutions for your business

- To reduce by more than 80% the time for archiving and sending goods

- To trace and track your products

With RFID technology you can manage your warehouse and your archive with just a few clicks, without errors, and you will be able to locate every product in a few seconds..

Working as a team has never been so simple

- Share data with your team members in real time

- Our cloud platforms provide all the tools needed to share and process information in real time from anywhere in the world.

SpinalMeter 3D radiation-free exam

- For the patient, it's just a photo; for the doctor, it's an objective exam for a certain diagnosis

- Zero radiation for doctor and patient.

It's possible to carry out mass examinations and repeat them as needed, for any patient. The exam takes just a few minutes. The diagnosis is immediate.

What do we do?

Our sectors

Complete business solutions

We provide consulting, tools and custom software to improve the work of medium and large businesses.

Cloud Services

We develop custom cloud solutions to share and process data via the web in real time.

Systems management support/Delivery

We provide complete 24 hour systems management support on complex business systems, data backup and network analysis.

Data Analysis

We develop software to optimize your company's production and process data for statistical purposes.

Biomedical Solutions

We design and build biomedical software and hardware able to interface with third party tools.

RFID Infrastructure

We design RFID infrastructure to catalogue products and manage warehouses, saving time and money.

Oracle Support

We manage every aspect of Oracle database from installation of database clusters to data backup to SQL tuning.

Web Design & SEO

We create beautifully designed web portals optimized for searches and for the best user experience.

Mobile & Tablet Apps

We create responsive and cross-platform applications able to run on every kind of mobile device.

Our strong points


Problem Solving

Maestrale provides custom solutions to companies in the following business areas:

- Software Engineering
- Systems Engineering (Windows, Linux, Oracle, Cybersecurity)
- Biomedical Systems
- RFID System integrator
- 24/7 Hardware-Software Support
- R&D

Consulting services

Solid experience in services  consulting for optimization of processes in developing innovative, complex and mission critical IT projects.

Development of technological infrastructures

Capacity to design integration architecture for legacy and heterogenous systems.

Outsourcing core business

Capacity to develop technology infrastructures and custom applications using web-oriented, multi-channel and clients' own technologies.

We can also offer...

  1. Consulting, design, building and installation of RFID systems
  2. Systems management consulting, pre- and post-sale
  3. Consulting and development in Microsoft (.net, ASP, sql-server...)
  4. Sales and support of complete hardware and software information systems

Some of the tools we use:

C#/VB6 & Visual Studio
Microsoft Sql Sever & Oracle
Java, TomCat, Android
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery
Server & Database Maintenance

Our team

Software engineer

Activities: Software development

Tasks: To write performing code according to best practices of various environments

System Administrators

Activities: Systems support

Tasks: To monitor, manage and maintaine company infrastructure

Database Administrators

Activities: Database Management

Tasks: Database environment management, Sql tuning, optimization of DB engine

Discover our projects and the passion we bring to processes of analysis and design. Bring us your requirements, we find the right solution thanks to our know how gained over ten years of experience in the field and ongoing research.

Our partners

To offer quality solutions, you must have quality partners and suppliers. Here are ours:

X3 Solution Information Technology
Human Scale Italia
TeamSystem S.p.a.
FIPE - Federazione Italiana Pesistica
FIT - Federazione Italiana Tennis
SuperTennis TV
RFID Global by Softwork
Consorzio Promo Salute
Alfa Protech
Polo Biomedicale Umbria
Leonardo Finmeccanica
OneFirewall Alliance

Present us your needs. We will find the right solution