Trace DOC - RFID Document archive

This product uses RFID technology

What's it about?

The Trace DOC RFID - document archive system is designed to automate the management and control of the historical archive of a shop, bank, institution, etc. It can be implemented, according to the client's aims and objectives, using "passive" type tag transponders (smart labels) with frequency 13.56 MHz and with different devices based on RFID technology.

Main features

  1. Control access to the archive
  2. Check and control of any (proper or improper) removal of documents
  3. Traceability and trackability of documents
  4. Optimization of searching for information
  5. Improvement of document handling in the archive, by defining the most appropriate locations, in relation to the frequency of consultations
  6. Inventory of documents

How it works

Each carton or binder holding documents receives a sticker tag and an association is created (in the database) between the tag code and the carton. This is also done for each shelf / cupboard in which the documents are to be placed, recording with the tag the coordinates that identify the position (for example, Cupboard # 1, Shelf No. 100, etc.) The archivists, during initial inventory (or when documents are moved), use a palm device with integrated RFID reader/writer, placing it near the tag on the carton and then on the one identifying the shelf or cupboard, creating an association between the document and its location. Users enabled to access the archive are issued a Tag Transponder (standard Iso Card) containing data relative to their permissions (user ID code, dates of validity , etc). That information is recorded using a suitable RFID read/write system that, protected by password and cryptography, makes the tags safe from being falsified or copied. Access to the archive is controlled by a voluntary-type system, in which the user passes by an antenna or a passageway, facilitating the reading of the personal idenfication tag. The system checks permissions and opens to permit access to those authorized. The withdrawal of documents from the cabinets can be voluntary or automatic, in which everything bearing a tag that transits through a passageway will be detected (which user and what documents).

Trace DOC - RFID' Document archive Trace DOC - RFID' Document archive