Systems management support

Systems management support/Delivery

We provide complete 24 hour systems management support on complex business systems, data backup and network analysis.

Oracle Support

We manage every aspect of Oracle database from installation of database clusters to data backup to SQL tuning.

How we support you

Our support and helpdesk team is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our systems experts and Oracle DBAs are ready to interene to solve problems in a company's infrastructure remotely and, when necessary, on site.
We are able to install, configure, manage and maintain

  1. Cluster VMWare
  2. Oracle RAC
  3. Oracle ODA
  4. Oracle Exadata
  5. RedHat Cluster
  6. Storage
  7. Mail Server
  8. Web Server
  9. Application Server
  10. Cluster MSSQL Server
  11. Firewall
  12. Domain Controllers