Maestrale IT invests some of its own resources every year in the biomedical field and in developing innovative and functional solutions. For over 10 years we've been in the biomedical equipment market, creating a vast range of software and hardware products that are able to collect concrete data, useful to sector experts to be able to process a certain diagnosis.

Given the potential in the biomedical sector, in 2016 we inaugurated our new division MaestraleBiomedical, independent and entirely dedicated to biomedical development, thanks to the expertise of our biomedical engineers, our developers and a series of sector experts who have decided to believe in our projects. Maestrale Biomedical was founded as a spin off of the biomedical division of Maestrale Information Technology. Maestrale Biomedical's mission is to create custom software solutions and custom hardware to serve biomedicine, bringing our know how in software and systems development to the field alongside the most innovative technologies available.

Our flagship product is surely the by now well-known SpinalMeter, our European-patented biomedical device, able to measure the skeletal apparatus through photography and produce a 3D model of it without any radiation. The results of the measurements processed by SpinalMeter are, in almost every case, perfectly superimposable to a radiological examination.

Another important product, recently developed, is the portal MedicalCloud, a service allowing the real-time exchange of data gathered during biomedical exams and a remote consultation about the data provided.

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Biomedical solutions

SpinalMeter – 3D biomedical postural exam


SpinalMeter is the only medical device able to survey the spinal column thorugh mathematical models.

MedicalCloud - The Web Platform for Telemedicine


The portal allows the real-time exchange of data acquired in biomedical exams and placing them into a consultation.



Measures nervous reaction time in psychotechnical tests of simple and complex optical and acoustic stimuli.