RFID Solutions

What is RFID?

Some RFID products

Mae Production Manager tracciabilità RFID

Mae Production RFID

Soluzione hardware & software per tracciare i processi di produzione con tecnologia RFID e interfaccia PLC

Document asset management

Document asset management

Document asset management that allows users to create and optimally manage inventories of document assets

Trace-DOC - RFID


Designed to automate management and control of historical archives inside a shop, a bank, a foundation, etc.

RFID in fashion

Fashion RFID

RFID management customization to allow storage and inventory management and product shipments

RFID food traceability

Food traceability

Project carried out in cooperation with the Istituto Zooprofilattico of Perugia to attain the DOP mark

MaeBiblio – Library document management


Created to optimize management and internal archiving of libraries and professional offices in general.

Products with RFID technology