Management Software

Our software are fully tested and compatible with Windows 10 and Edge

MaeBiblio – Library document management


Created to optimize management and internal archiving of libraries and professional offices in general.

Document asset management

Document asset management

Document asset management that allows users to create and optimally manage inventories of document assets

MaePeople – People counter


A Wifi people counter that provides statistics of data collected in real time, using a web interface.

Trace-DOC - RFID


Designed to automate management and control of historical archives inside a shop, a bank, a foundation, etc.

Cicero – Multimedia Management

Cicero multimedia

Allows management of museum routes (indoors or out) and integrates multimedia conent and advertising.

MaeSistri – traceability of hazardous waste'


MaeSistri software monitors hazardous waste by making it traceable.

Products with RFID technology