What is Sistri

Sistri (acronym for system to control traceability of waste) is the software system of the Italian Ministry of the Environment to monitor hazardous waste by using traceability. It works, in practice, by transfering into digital format the applicable documentation previously carried out on paper and based on the environmental statement form (MUD), on the Registry of waste loading and unloading and on the waste identification form (FIR). The system is based on use of two electronic devices: a so called "black box" (a transponder), to mount on the refuse transportation vehicle to trace its movements, and a 4 Gb USB token equipped with a software for strong authentication and electronic signature that travels together with waste, on which all the data relating to is is saved.

The system for the traceability of waste was instituted and is governed by the Ministerial Decree of 17 December 2009 [4] and later modified by four other decrees which, among other things, extended the entry into production of its full operation. According to the latest changes resulting from the conversion into law of the so-called \“bis maneuver \” (DL 13 August 2011, n. 138, converted, with amendments, in Law 14 September 2011, n. 148) which took effect on 2 April, 2012 (the initial deadline of 9 February, 2012 was amended by the CDM of 23 December 2011). For almost all parties it requires that the correct management of hazardous waste (and also urban waste in Campania) be documented. The original text of \”bis maneuver \” foresaw, art. 6, paragraphs 2 and 3, the abolition of Sistri, but this was changed, \“replacing \” the suppression of the computer system, essentially, with a further extension of its start date to 9 February, 2012, except and for micro-enterprises. In fact, next to the new postponement of Sistri, Law no. 148/2011 has staunchly maintained the provisions of the so called \”Development decree\” (Decree Law no. 70/2011) which, in Article. 6, paragraph 2, letter f-g), provided that for those referred to in Article. 1, paragraph 5, of Ministerial Decree 26 May, 2011 (i.e, waste producers with up to 10 employees), the starting date of Sistri is established with a subsequent Ministerial Decree, and in any case should not be prior to 1 June 2012.

What MaeSistri does

MaeSistri is a complete solution to interact with Sistri systems for total management of the movement of waste.
Based on Microsoft .Net technology, it handles the following aspects:

  • Registration data of Sistri subjects, local units, vehicles
  • Chronological records of loading and unloading
  • Handling cards
  • Printing and digital signature of documents
MaeSistri management of waste traceability
Sistri Maestrale
Sistri Maestrale
Sistri Maestrale
Sistri Maestrale

MaeSistri is designed to integrate with every company management process, using the most recent, powerful and rapidly deploying technologies and communications standards.