Our partners


The TeamSystem group is a leader in Italy for management/ERP software and in training services for companies, artisanal and micro-companies, professionals (accountants, business consultants, lawyers, condominium administrators, freelancers), associations, gyms, wellness centres and spas, sporting facilities.

Web site: www.teamsystem.com


The company, founded in 1981 as a reseller of information systems and barcode and automatic identification reader systems, has become one of the most accredited business partners of the main brands in the ICT world. Following the evolution of the market, it has grown into a company with certified ability to deliver projects and solutions that today make it a partner of choice for many important Italian companies that need to renew , develop or improve their information.

Web site: www.supertronic.it

RFID Global

Value Added Distributor (VAD) and producers of active and passive RFID Technologies in the various frequency bands (LF, HF and UHF), RFID Global is focused on the hardware architecture of this auto-ID technology, adopting a business model of interaction with the trade channel (software houses, system integrators, ICT, OEM, research institutes and universities). The objective of such vertical integration is high expertise on RFID systems, summarized in 140 person-years made available to channel partners through value-added services: readers, antennas, tags / transponders, devices (mobile computers and printers) and accessories, all accompanied by services.

Web site: www.rfidglobal.it


Infordata offers solutions modeled on the needs of public and private companies of all sizes, to whom it is not just a solution provider but also a reliable and always up to date partner and a consultant in order to address constantly evolving markets.

Web site: www.infordata.net


Federpesistica (FIPE) – recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee – promotes, organizes, governs and spreads the culture of Olympic and Paralympic weightlifting in Italy. FIPE operates in accordance with the rulings and guildelines of the Italian Olympic Committee, the Italian Paralympic Committee and the International Weightlifting Federation.

Web site: www.federpesistica.it


The Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) promotes and organizes tennis in Italy.

Web site: www.federtennis.it


SuperTennis is the window that the Italian Tennis Federation has opened in the homes of all Italians so they can look out, 24 hours a day, on the most attractive sports in the world. Those who don't know the sport learn to love it, and it feeds the passion of those already in love with tennis.

Web site: www.supertennis.tv


This company is constantly evolving to keep pace with the times, works in strategic sectors, with unmatched expertise in high-criticality tasks, such as those related to the aerospace industry, military and large telcos.

Web site: www.grupposistematica.it


The PromoSalute consortium is a non-profit operating in the medical sector in compliance with its statutory purposes.

Web site: www.promosalute.it


Working in stereolithography since 1999, the company has accompanied the technology through the development of 3D printing to the present day with all the industrial experience from which it started, now also applied to high sesolution, the new frontier where new horizons and new technological possibilities unfold.

Web site: www.alfaprotech.it


Comecer SpA (Costruzioni Meccaniche Certificate, or Certified Mechanical Construction), located in Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) founded in the mid '70s by Carlo Zanelli, is a world leader in nuclear medicine and specialized in systems to manage, process and dose radiopharmaceuticals.

Web site: www.comecer.com

Umbria Biomedical Cluster

The need to find new answers to the structural changes that have affected the economy and the acceleration of market globalization processes, have also led the institutions and enterprises of the Umbria Region to come together for the identification of new competitiveness support to the productive sector.

Web site: www.umbriabiomed.com

Leonardo Finmeccanica

Leonardo is a global high technology company in Aerospace, Defense and Security. Headquartered in Italy, Leonardo has over 45,600 employees. Between offices and industrial facilities, it is present in 180 sites around the world, with a significant industrial presence.

Web site: www.leonardocompany.com


Development of new business models for the creation and management of the Digital Company, Factory 4.0 and Intelligent Cities and Rural Areas. Digital Consulting: Creating organizational and process models that use technology platforms as a bridge between the company/entity and the client/citizen to manage the relationships and offer Value Offerings.

Web site: www.k-digitale.it


Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio S.p.a., best known as Atalanta, is an Italian football company founded in Bergamo on October 17, 1907, whose seat and sports center is located in Zingonia.

Web site: www.atalanta.it

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE It has the necessary market skills to support your business model and offer you the tools with which to achieve success, together with the Maestrale Information Technology, both in the management of traditional on-premise IT and in the transition to a secure and predisposed hybrid IT. the cloud. We want to help you take advantage of technology to reduce the time it takes to turn your ideas into value. We will work with your technicians to expand the opportunities available to you and the range of solutions to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Web site: www.hpe.com

OneFirewall Alliance

OneFirewall è una startup che propone una soluzione di cyber-security completa, modulare e configurabile che definisce un nuovo innovativo paradigma per la sicurezza perimetrale delle organizzazioni. Specifici moduli collezionano eventi di sicurezza da prodotti interni e fonti esterne selezionate da OneFirewall, impostando un modello dati comune e aggiungendo informazioni di valore come il OneFirewall Alliance Reputation Score (punteggio di affidabilità degli indirizzi IP). Il Business Intelligence Engine fornisce poi statistiche e report su come questi dati sono utilizzati per prevenire e bloccare automaticamente le cyber-attività malevole.

Web site: onefirewall.com