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The TeamSystem group is a leader in Italy for management/ERP software and in training services for companies, artisanal and micro-companies, professionals (accountants, business consultants, lawyers, condominium administrators, freelancers), associations, gyms, wellness centres and spas, sporting facilities.

Web site: www.teamsystem.com

Banca Intesa

Intesa Sanpaolo is the banking group formed by the merger of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI, two large Italian banks sharing common values that have joined together in order to grow, to better serve families and to further contribute to the development of enterprises and the growth of the country.

Web site: www.intesasanpaolo.com

Colussi Group

Colussi Group is a private Italian food company. It originated as a small, artisanal food manufacturer in 1911. Through a constant pursuit of excellence, Colussi has grown into a solid company whose diverse operations in the high-quality food sector has also earned it success on the main European markets.

Web site: www.colussigroup.it

ASST Valcamonica

Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale (ASST, or Territorial Social Health company) of Valcomonica and Breno is a public company with legal personality under public law and organizational, administrative, patrimonial, accounting, managerial and technical autonomy.

Web site: www.aslvallecamonicasebino.it


GSE operates to promote sustainable development through technical and engineering qualification and verification of renewable energy plants and high-efficiency cogeneration; also it recognizes the incentives for electricity produced and put into the grid from such plants.

Web site: www.gse.it

Roma Mobilità

The activities carried out by Roma servizi per la Mobilità cover various strands and mainly support the institutional activities of the Mobility Department. In transportation planning, it develops planning studies, in which future mobility scenarios are constructed to assess both the effectiveness of new infrastructure (subways, railways, tramways, roads, exchanges) and of the implementation of new regulations (such as limited traffic zones, tariffed parking, restrictions on movement on the rail ring, etc.).

Web site: www.agenziamobilita.roma.it


A tour operator that has taken its clients to carefully chosen destinations for more than 30 years, paying careful attention to organizational details, with departures from all major Italian airports.

Web site: www.inviaggi.it

Gruppo INI

The principles guiding INI since its foundation are primary ethical values, aimed at promoting not only the physical health strictly speaking, but also a psycho-physical wellbeing as a result of a holistic view of the individual, oriented to all psycho-physical dimensions of the individual.

Web site: www.gruppoini.it

St. Maria Hospital, Terni

This is the second largest hospital, in terms of beds, in the Umbria Region, and is located in Terni.

Web site: www.aospterni.it

AIOP Lazio

AIOP, the Italian Association of Private Hospitalization, represents 500 nursing homes operating throughout the country with over 53,000 beds of which 45,000 accredited with the National Health Service; 26 rehabilitation centres with 2,000 beds, of which 1,800 accredited and 41 residential care facilities with 2,800 beds all accredited. Our convictions, our commitments

Web site: www.aiop.lazio.it

Sandro Ferrone

Sandro Ferrone is an extraordinary player in today's panorama of fast fashion MADE IN ITALY. Since the beginning, the SANDRO FERRONE brand has been well positioned in the contemporary fashion market.

Web site: www.sandroferrone.it