What's it about?

MaePoste - postal and services software is designed to manage the post and its most common related services (copying, packages, filling envelopes, etc.) and also personalized services configured by the user.
MaePoste can manage mass mailings, sending great volumes of mail and its delivery using a palm device, with geolocation, images and real time tracking.
The software managesboth normal work and user tracking, through a web portal.

The system is highly parameterizable, already configured to allow multilingual, multi-company management and for any data sharing needed.
The system features monitoring tools and can be used with a web interface.

Main features

  1. Management of data of customers, senders, sub-senders, recipients, postal carriers, operators and users
  2. Management of postal sorting points
  3. Management of related services
  4. Management of services and types of services
  5. Printing labels, barcodes, post, product stock lists, service assignment reports, assignment services, return to sender notices, tracking
  6. Management of results
  7. Data collection, production of statistics and research
  8. Invoicing of services