What's it about?

MaePeople - the wifi people counter was developed in order to quantify entry and exit traffic of people through a passageway.
The system is composed of a control unit and wired sensors: each control unit can manage up to a maximum of 2 passageways (4 sensors) and up to 2 audible indicators to signal entries and exits. The reduced dimensions of the unit allow easy installation in any type of environment . Installation of this system requires no more than a wifi or ethernet internet connection. The controller automatically sends the data of each individual access via Internet, to a centralized application server.
With its responsive web interface, users can check the application platform to monitor the data collected from each control unit and its state of functioning from a PC, tablet or smartphone.
MaePeople is designed to be light and non invasive and doesn't require the installation of any software, server or other, the only components needed are electricity and a wifi or ethernet internet connection.
The system works using a pair of sensors using infrared and bidirectional capacity for each passwageway. The control unit is directly connected to the sensors and sends information regarding entries and exits via internet. Purchase of the device allows access to the MaePeople platform, with a special area in which the information regarding the accesses is presented.
The device is is designed to provide personalized statistics on client's request and can be integrated with anRFID anti-theft system.

Main features

  1. Registers entries
  2. Registers exits
  3. Real time graphics
  4. Responsive web interface usable with PCs, tablets and smartphones
  5. Monitoring of the state of functioning of the control unit
  6. Statistics for each control unit
  7. Can be integrated with anti-theft software and hardware RFID
  8. Personalized statistics can be integrated on demand