This product uses RFID technology

What's it about?

The RFID MaeBiblio - Private Library management software has been designed and created to facilitate management within libraries , and it immediately showed itself to be highly efficient in legal offices too, demonstrating great flexibility and adaptability to different settings, thanks to the careful management of publications and extremely powerful integrated search tools.

The modules developed for the system offer these main functionalities:

  • Control of the archive
  • Control of accesses
  • Traceability/trackability of texts and paperwork
  • Anti-theft
  • Inventory automation
  • Automation of loans, self-check loans, returns, automated returns

Basic function

Each document receives a sticker tag and an association created (via the MaeBiblio GUI) between the tag code and the document. The same is done for each shelf / cupboard in which the documents are to be placed, recording by RFID the coordinates that identify the position (for example, Case # 1, Shelf No. 100, etc.) The system can also graphically visualize the position of the document.
The archivists, during initial inventory (or when documents are moved), use an RFID Controller (a palm device using special software), placing it near the RFID tag on the document and then on the one identifying the shelf, creating an association between the document and its location, and any other location or movement.

Automatic loan

To make an automatic loan, each office involved must have at least one personal computer, a reader for the personal ID card and an RFID reader.


To use the system to control theft, there must be a passageway (gate RFID) that checks that documents leaving have been regularly assigned to a user.
The system also allows direct assignment of the document to the person carrying it only if that person is identified by reading a card.

Control of access and authorizations

Optionally, a check can be implemented on the users enabled to access the document archive. Each user is issued a transponder tag (ISO standard card) containing the essential data relative to permissions. Authorized users receive access through passwords and cryptographic systems, that can't be falsified or duplicated.
The system can enable access only to people with the necessary permissions.

Intentional and unintentional withdrawals

MaeBiblio manages both "intentional" and "unintentional" withdrawls of documents from their shelves. Anyone or anything (bearing an RFID tag) moving through a passageway (RFID gate), regardless of the position of the tagged document or the user's intention, the system automatically notes details of the movement (who is carrying what item).
The system can automatically assign documents leaving with the user, identified through his or her card, or signal an anomaly.

Main features

  1. Control of archives
  2. Control of accesses
  3. Traceability/trackability of texts and paperwork
  4. Anti-theft
  5. Inventory automation
  6. Automation of loans, self-check loans, returns, automated returns
  7. Archiving of texts inPDF format and free search of archived texts and paperwork.
  8. Management of locations
  9. Tracing of loans related to information such as the document, the person who has borrowed it, the date of loan, date of expected return, etc.
  10. Graphic symbols to identify at a glance the degree of accessibility of the document
  11. Capillary management of loan authorization policies, configurable for groups of users and for single users
  12. History of loans and any reservations can be seen by the user with permission to view these data, and by the administrator in complete form
  13. System to automatically remind users to return borrowed items, with configurable alarm levels
  14. Possibility to exclude obsolete documents from searches