Site security management

What's it about?

The Site security management software was developed to allow the user to carry out necessary checks and to keep external sites under control.
The software allows users to manage inspections inside or outside the company, the monitoring of compliance of Law 81, and the management and allocation of tasks. It's also possible to connect directly to the regional price list to obtain a quote in real time.
Other possibilities offered by the software include:

  • keep contractors under control, giving them a correct document for preparing an estimate or doing work
  • manage security with user profiles with different levels of access
  • link metric calculations generated by operational ACCA Primus DCF
  • manage multi-level alarms
  • offer recognition service

Principal features:

  1. Cataloging main information regarding each site
  2. Integration with images and floorplans
  3. Notes detailing additional content
  4. Management and evaluation of risks for each site
  5. Management of calculation of work with regional pricelist