RFID asset management

This product uses RFID technology

What's it about?

The Document asset management software has been created to make it possible to create and manage an inventory in order to easily organize an archive of document assets, using a PC and a palm device.
The strength of this product is its ability to make inventories in a few simple steps by using 13.56 MHz “passive” tag transponders (smart labels) and different devices based on RFID technology.
Each object receives an RFID tag and an association is created between the tag code and the document, using a graphical interface. Similarly, each shelf, cupboard or location in which the documents are to be placed is linked, recording with RFID the coordinates that identify the position (for example, Building A, Shelf No. 100, etc.).
The archivists, during initial inventory (or when documents are moved), use a palm device with an integrated RFID reader/writer, placing it near the tag on the object and then on the one identifying the shelf, creating an association between the document and its location, and any other location or movement.

The system is currently in use at the St. Maria Hospital in Terni, Municipality of Terni and Gestore Servizi Elettrici (GSE S.p.A - Rome)

Principal features

  1. Management of registry of asset suppliers and producers
  2. Management and classification of assets and their locations
  3. Print customizable reports
  4. Tracing of locations
  5. Management of users and authorizations
  6. Printing Smart Labels
  7. Management of acquisitions, loans and sales
  8. Management of cost centres