Avalon - RFID for management

This product uses RFID technology

What's it about?

"The degree of competitiveness of a company is derived in part from its organization and management structure. The services it can provide are proportional to its efficiency and its technological maturity."

This is the statement behind Avalon - RFIDfor management. Avalon is a system specifically designed for business automation. It can be used in standard mode, in custom or "tailored" according to the specific requirements of an individual company.
Avalon standard version foresees the management of a company's administrative and accounting workflows , or those of a group of companies (in multi-company mode).

Information management is now recognized as part of the essential wealth of a business, seen in the same light as production tools, human and financial resources. It is clearly an assurance of increased competitiveness, and so the choice of technologies for the management of information is a long-term strategic commitment of the company.

Main features

  1. Management of company documents (orders, notes, invoices, etc.)
  2. Management of production
  3. Warehouse management with RFID
  4. Management of incoming and outgoing post registries
  5. Management of appointments
  6. Management of ledgers
  7. Management of the budget
  8. Management of cost centres
  9. Management of due registers (tickler files)
  10. Management of bills held in portfolio
  11. Management of assets

The case of Electroterni s.p.a.

The goal was to install an integrated automation system to involve all sectors of the company, both production and economic, able to expand and integrate all sectors of the companies of the industrial group. This need derives from the conviction that integrated information systems represent the winning answer to increase competitiveness in the modern market.
The automation regarded:

  • Commercial Management

    Improve customer service, respect delivery deadlines, reduce stock, plan purchases of raw materials.

  • Production Management

    Reduce programming time of lines, control efficiency and costs, contribute to a more accurate use of intermediate warehousing; monitor production per shift, create management reports, analysis causes of delays or loss of production. Dedicated to a machine or production line.

  • Warehouse management

    Monitor stock levels for each type of manufacturing (intermediate warehouse management), average product cost, locateability and history of articles.

  • Survey attendance

    Connection of the attendance survey to production reports.

  • Connect information system directly to the PLC of the production lines

    Minimize the downtime preparing the machine and the consequent errors while entering values, eliminating the need to have personnel handle these operations so that they can be used in more direct production activities.

  • Computerized management of quality control to attain and maintain UNI EN ISO 9002 certification

    Enter the management of quality assurance rules (availability, review, check, quality inspections, online availability of processing procedures, documentation management. Pricelists, offers).

  • Integration of all companies in the group

    Electroterni S.p.A. is part of an industrial group with five companies, with real time updating on the progress of each one.